Zahra Ghadimianazar


2020 : Akademie der bildenden künste München
2016-2019: Master of in Visual Art in Academy of Fine Artsin Florence
2013-2016: Bachelor of in Visual Art in Academy of Fine Artsin Florence

Selected Group and Duo Exhibitions

2022 Spek/trum, Werksviertel-Mitte, Munich, Germany
2022 Wood N Wool, Werksviertel-Mitte, Munich, Germany
2021 Korn von Morgen – Gärtnerei Stängle & Limmer, Munich, Germany
2021 Projektklasse “Cooking Sections”, Akademiegalerie, Munich, Germany
2020 Seidenstrasse1234.Group exhibition Gaertner Stiftung , Munich, Germany
2020 Jahresausstellung 2020 | PANDEMIC EDITION. ADBK. Munich, Germany. Klasse Johanna Reich
2020 Studentischer Kulturtreff der Iraner in München – Patogh
2018 Group exhibition in ADAC, Munich, Germany
2018 Group exhibition, Erasmus programm exhibition in Munich, Germany
2017 Working on Project 21 secolo rinascimento femminile o regression in Florence, Italy
2017 Group exhibition, project of recycling in Florence, Italy
2016 Working on the project of the effect of psychology of fear on Art in Florence, Italy
2015 Participating in an exhibition in California State University International
2014 Participating in projectof MaMOE(Media andMusic for an Open Europe), as an educatorwith the project “1000 and 1 realities” In Baltrum, Germany
2014 Participating in the workshop CONNECT, where with the use of the rotoscopeworking on the first film oft he “Flying Istanbul”, stillin the works in Florence, Italy
2013 Participatingin projectof “1000 and1 realities” with Olga Pavlenko (, aprojectof an animation cartoon, Florence, Italy