Who I am? Where do I come from? Where is my home?

These questions were like tangled balls of wool that I would have to open to reach out and get to know myself better. I started looking for the answers within myself. I continued my work with threads and wool, which were part of me, to find my connections. I always carry with me my threads and my wool, my roots, using them I connect to everything: I bind myself to my land, to my mother, to my father, to my culture, to objects, to sounds, to my memories, to my family, to my city, to my loved ones who are part of my heart. Talking to you about this topic that is so important to me, I review my memories, which shape my past and connect to my future. After having amply expressed the feelings that I jealously guard within me and of which I had never spoken before, I collect your voices, I listen to you, I speak to you so that you do not forget me and I do not forget who I am. I am a part of you and you are a part of me. We are connected anytime, anywhere.

Hear my voice and remember me.